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Three different ways to help...

Where we need help the most

Donations here help us kill tax increases, lobby, & fund

Donations not tax exempt
nor tax credit eligible

Taxpayer Association Oregon
PO Box 23573, Tigard OR 97281

Free Political
Tax Credit

Use your free political tax credit to defeat pro-tax lawmakers.

Donations up to $50 ($100 per couple) are eligible for the Oregon Political Tax Credit and can receive 100% back on your Oregon taxes.

Taxpayer Association Oregon PAC
PO Box 23573, Tigard OR 97281

Charitable Tax Deduction

Get a Charitable Tax Deduction for cash, stock, property, or vehicle donations. Questions call 503-603-9009

Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon
PO Box 23573, Tigard OR 97281
Consult your CPA before claiming tax deductions or credits for your donations
to ensure eligibility based on income, residency, and other requirements.