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✔ Help us defeat taxes in State Legislature
✔ Help us protect your Kicker tax Refund
✔ Help us fund OregonWatchdog web site (daily news)

Two ways to help:

(1) Send check by mail to: Taxpayer Association of Oregon: PO Box 23573 Tigard, OR, 97281
(make Political Tax Credit checks out to TAO-PAC)

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To help our lobby effort against high taxes and fund, click below:

Donations not tax exempt
nor tax credit eligible

Taxpayer Association Oregon

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Donations up to $50 ($100 per couple) are eligible for the Oregon Political Tax Credit and can receive 100% back on your Oregon taxes.

Taxpayer Association Oregon

To make a tax-deductible charitable contribution, click here:

Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon
Consult your CPA before claiming tax deductions or credits for your donations
to ensure eligibility based on income, residency, and other requirements.