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Taxpayer Association of Oregon

586 fee increases totaling $374M!

Government hiring 17 new employees a day

2016 Waste Awards

2015 Waste Awards

Food Stamp abuse

$300 million for phantom employees

Favoritism among Governor, government

Kitzhaber's 2 taxes to fund his scandal friends

County funds spent on Florida trip, wedding, Botox

28% pay raises & $15,000 mo. consultants

February 2014 Session taxes

Kitzhaber Flees media interview

1/4 billion in new taxes by anonymous politicians?

Sneaky ways to pass taxes, get raises

Politicians punish voters for their own problems

Unions back $7 billion in new tax measures

2013 Taxpayer Awards (Waste, Worst Politician)

Waste Report Fall 2011

Waste Report Winter 2010

Waste Report Summer 2009

Waste Report Spring 2009

Waste Report Winter 2008

Waste Report Summer 2008

Waste Report Fall 2007

Public Employees Party-Time on Taxpayer Dime 2006 Report

Schools Blow $1.2 Billion! 2005 Report

Kulongoski taxes seniors as Hollywood & baseball get tax breaks. 2004 Report

Politicians tackle recession by splurging on bonuses, new cars, luxury chairs & computers:
Report Side 1 - New computers, cars & luxury chairs, Plus Multnomah Co. shopping spree
Report Side 2 - Ignoring auditors cost state $39 million - plus Oregon gets federal pork, never ending $5 million error, 11/1/03

Elvis & PERS make up billions misspent. - Plus County wastes $24 million, criminals selling coffee and Bad grades for the Dept. of Education. 2/1/03

NBA Star, Scottie Pipen, needs your farm tax subsidies - Plus "taxing volunteers", $10,000 school trip, urban renewal funds, taxpayer hotel and more.... 7/1/-02

Welfare overpays $15 million Government employees travel the world, Marine Center missing cash, government hand-outs, PGE park disaster, million plus for light rail "art" and more..... 11/1/01

$9 million in government waste reported in the last 100 days $8 million fish debacle, schools suing schools, Gresham's failed Xmas trolley, public employee windfalls, building towards debt, and more... 2/01/01

How to sexually harass your way to riches $1.4 billion in uncollected debt, managers rewarding bonuses to themselves, Police fly fancy jets, Lottery's fuzzy math and more... 11/1/00

$215 million in government waste reported in just 150 days 6/1/00

How politicians voted:

Tax Votes 2009

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