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Sign the petition to outlaw hidden backdoor taxes, fees

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The biggest threat to taxpayers today is the rise of hidden back-door taxes that violate the Oregon Constitution's 3/5 majority (60%) vote rule for all tax increases. The Tax is a Tax Amendment petition is gathering signatures right now aims to strengthen existing Constitution law by outlawing backdoor hidden taxes and fees that violate the Constitution's 3/5 Majority rule.

Look at what is happening.

- In 2017 the politicians tried to eliminate the Mortgage Interest deduction for thousands of Oregonians and would have raised over a $100 million in new taxes. The tax was relabeled (not a tax) and was given permission to bypass the Constitution's 3/5 Majority rule for tax votes.

- Currently the 20% Small Business tax bill, SB 1528, raises millions in higher taxes on small business, but was relabeled not a tax and is allowed to pass with fewer votes compared to other taxes.

- The carbon cap-and-tax bill, SB 1507, is expected to raise $700 million in new taxes. They call the tax a (mandatory) "investment" and by doing so the tax is able to bypass the Constitution's 3/5 Majority (60%) rule for tax votes and it will be able to become law with fewer votes if passed.

By hiding the tax under a different name politicians can pass it with fewer votes.

The ”Tax is a Tax Amendment” requires that all revenue raising taxes to be considered actual taxes. No longer will politicians be able to relabel taxes as something else to hide it from the Constitution’s clear dictate. No longer will politicians be able to hide taxes by creating revenue swap gimmicks, pretending that a tax is not a tax because someone else got a savings at the same time.

The Tax is a Tax Amendment would require a 3/5 majority (60% vote) to pass these taxes. Unpopular taxes would simply die, as they should.

Furthermore, the Tax is a Tax Amendment petition protects our Constitution from hidden back-door tax abuse and honors what voters have already decided.

In 1996, Oregon voters approved Measure 25 which required a 3/5 majority for all tax votes. The 3/5 majority rule has stopped a flood of taxes.

Please sign the petition so we can put this measure on the ballot. The Taxpayer Association is helping the Coalition effort (Tax is a Tax PAC) and needs your help.

Email us at [email protected] to get a copy of the petition.

Or mail us at

503-603-9009 Taxpayer Association of Oregon PO Box 23573 Tigard, OR, 97281