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Top Political News - May 19, 2019
  • Brown's top aides did campaign-like work during governor's race
  • What will Oregon do with windfall?
  • Gov. Brown: Gray wolves on 'path to recovery' in Oregon
  • House OKs Senate's land-use bill
  • Lukens column: The good, bad and unfinished of Oregon's $2 billion business tax
  • Opinion: Sales tax by other name turns state's back on voters, businesses
  • More Political News
  • Farmland loss is dire, but there are solutions — Opinion
  • Ill-fated vaccine fight stoked grassroots anger
  • Commissioner Eudaly's tenant screening rules may have the votes to pass
  • Payette City Council Members slow-track appointment to council seat
  • Portland's cannabis taxes mostly used to backfill police budgets
  • Ex-Oregon football star stops armed student at Oregon school
  • Columbia Co Judge falsely accuses colleague of stalking

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    1. State workers face PERS cuts
    2. Oregonians plan repeal of $2B business...
    3. Small business upset over $2 billion...

    May 18, 2019
  • Oregon joins suit over barring union deductions for home health care workers
  • Oregon Business & Industry Board member quits after business tax passes
  • Owners named in new lawsuit against OxyContin maker filed by Oregon
  • Democrats move climate policy bill out of committee
  • Coyote killing contests, wasteful, wanton behavior counter to Oregon's values — Opinion
  • Editorial: PERS plan passes on costs to the future
  • Beaverton man off meds, sentenced for threatening Sen. Wyden
  • Chinook Nation buys an Oregon foothold
  • Farm bureau warns of 3rd wave of tariffs
  • Oregon lawmakers OK policies to curb youth suicide
  • LRAPA adopts stringent rules of Cleaner Air Oregon
  • James De Young appointed mayor of renewed Damascus
  • Portland reverses course, will pay for damage caused by burst water main
  • Salem councilors favoring new revenue for climate action plan
  • Years of behind-the-scenes wrangling leads to solar glare warning sign
  • Celebrating Oregon's Charter Schools - 20 Years in the Making
  • PPS Spent $59,000 on mailer about its construction bond

  • May 17, 2019
  • Kotek introduces bill to redirect half the record 'kicker' tax refund to bridge and 0-emissions
  • Oregonians plan repeal of $2B business sales tax
  • Oregon governor reverses state's position on wolf delisting
  • Editorial: Don't hamstring Oregon's enterprise zones
  • Our View: Time will tell if GOP strategy pays off
  • Why record breaking revenue is not enough — Opinion
  • Oregon bill to shut down unlicensed food operators headed to governor
  • These Dem. presidential candidates are leading Oregon's fundraising race
  • Bentz's plan to remove border region from proposed carbon emission mandate
  • Bill allows farmers to sue over GMO
  • Citizenship revoked for Portland imam
  • Eudaly's new renter measure runs into legal problems
  • Oregon policymakers may shake up development rules in tsunami zones
  • Oregon's roads, bridges and pipes don't pass engineers' muster
  • Portland City Council overturns police bureau's decision
  • Sen. Dallas Heard says Republican walkout was worth it
  • What UO didn't want known about industry group's climate bill opposition
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