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Top Political News - December 08, 2016
  • Oregon's Kate takes aim at our gun rights
  • Potential Oregon Ballot Measure Targets 'Sanctuary' Immigration Law
  • Oregon armories earn millions, endanger thousands — Part 2
  • 37 Oregon companies that came or went in 2016
  • Editorial: A way forward for Oregon — Status quo is a prescription for decline
  • Editorial: The awful truth about state government
  • Oregon Business News

    Sacramento probate lawyer and trust administration attorney J. P. Huber.
    Figured maple Pen Blanks and Bowl Blanks make beautiful woodturning projects, especially with stabilized wood.

  • Portland startup Nouvola the latest to crash the connected car rush
  • Columbia Sportswear unveils Star Wars line
  • More Political News
  • Rezoning farmland is difficult for county property owners
  • Some fear Multnomah County is closing too many jail beds
  • State pension overseer Katherine Durant steps down
  • Steve Novick's CEO tax wins close vote, putting Portland on world map
  • Portland Becomes First City to Tax Companies for Outsized CEO Pay
  • Portland City Council set to revive publicly funded campaigns -- in 2019
  • Portland Tenants United protests against rising rents, no-cause evictions
  • Saltzman: Report hazardous buildings and unpermitted events to the city
  • Portland school board passes $2.3 million pay increase for staff
  • Ashland student accuses classmate of sexual assault on Facebook: Principal, police respond

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    This Week's Most Popular News
    1. Oregon's Kate takes aim at our gun rights
    2. Business leaders offer deal: tax increases...
    3. Editorial: The awful truth about state...

    December 07, 2016
  • Editorial: Gov. Brown's leadership missing at leadership summit
  • Audit: Oregon's administrative failures put affordable housing supply at risk
  • Dorchester Political caucus leaves Seaside
  • State Lands staff finds ambiguity in Elliott proposal
  • Editorial: State suffers from ballot measure malfeasance
  • Guest Comment: Pavement or gravel and dust - you decide
  • Fritz, Novick cut deal to support each others' 'progressive' measures
  • No pot grows on rural residential land — in Benton County
  • Astoria will not pursue sanctuary status
  • Bend housing development split between school districts
  • Former Springfield district employee files race discrimination lawsuit against district
  • Latinos ask Hillsboro to be a sanctuary city
  • New airline to land in Pendleton Dec. 19
  • Douglas County schools contend with state's Native American mascot ruling
  • PPS board passes raises amidst controversy
  • Oregon Catalyst News
    12/8Gov. Kate Brown refuses to address PERS crisis (0)
    12/7Pursuing the Clintons (0)
    12/6Rep. Mike McLane: Oregon's unsustainable rate of spending (0)
    12/5How Much Is the Elliott State Forest Worth to Oregon Schools? (Don't Forget the Value of Compounding) (0)
    Oregon Blog News
    Ex-Clinton campaign staffer's new site...
    Portland startup Nouvola the latest to...
    Who should pay for Donald Trump's extra...
    Gov. Kate Brown refuses to address our...
    We must hold reporters accountable
    Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli...
    Mohamud, Christmas bomber appeal denied
    Oregon Farmers v. Hunger
    As Long as Dems Are at it: 'Recount'...
    Oregon Business Summit: Oregon Businesses...
    Fecteau: Trump's Big Business Boondoggle
    "The Sunday Political Brunch"-December 4,...

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