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Top Political News - February 06, 2016
  • Three-tier minimum wage headed to Senate floor
  • Your Guide to the 2016 Oregon Legislature
  • House signals support of subsidy for large solar projects
  • Local control GMO debate resurfaces at legislature
  • Oregon lawmakers hear details of tax increase that could help pay for 2021 Eugene track and field event
  • Oregon bill would increase scrutiny of wetland conversions
  • Oregon Business News

    Sacramento probate lawyer and trust administration attorney J. P. Huber.
    Figured maple Pen Blanks and Bowl Blanks make beautiful woodturning projects.
    Emma Parker & Co. jewelry features unique diamond white gold engagement rings.
    Antique engagement rings are timeless diamond settings.

  • Longtime film professional proposes full-service studio at Port of Portland
  • Federal plan: 6 weeks paternity leave
  • More Political News
  • County officials to attend Saturday rally in Halfway
  • Housing crisis: Renter protection bill drops relocation costs, retaliation change
  • State line can complicate mental health patients' treatment options
  • Portland wants Legislature to allow inclusionary zoning, but progressive economist says it won't help with housing crisis
  • Talking quiet zone: Editorial — Is it worth $30,000?
  • Sen. Merkley tours CTEC
  • DA Rod Underhill also signs letter asking for state investigation into Sheriff Dan Staton

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    This Week's Most Popular News
    1. Legislature eyes $1.2 billion property tax
    2. Obscure part of Oregon Constitution...
    3. Big Victory! Gun control bill pulled

    February 05, 2016
  • Oregon Democrats in Congress file bill to allow USPS to carry pot ads
  • Oregon's 'motor voter' law boosts voting rolls by 4,300
  • Big boost in Oregon health insurance enrollees — 7 out of 10 receiving tax credits averaging $256 per month to help pay for premiums.
  • House bill addresses ATI lockout
  • Public pension grasping continues, even during short legislative session: Editorial
  • Editorial: Don't create unfair minimum wage law
  • Legislature eyes $1.2 billion property tax
  • Clatsop County hires new manager
  • New Report Shows Power of Big Money Political Donors in Oregon
  • WANTED: A plan for the Wapato money pit
  • Jules Bailey Rolls Out Campaign Endorsements
  • Oregon's dramatic switch: 99.7 percent of kindergartners in full-day classes
  • Oregon Catalyst News
    2/6More than 1,700 attend Portland conservative rally (0)
    2/6Revelation this week left Oregon Dems scrambling on min wage hike (1)
    2/6Call to join the Oregon Citizens Lobby (1)
    2/6Willis announces legislative leadership team (0)
    Oregon Blog News
    New Hampshire Republican primary debate:...
    Do Oregonians really want housing that's...
    Minimum Wage Bill Passes Committee and...
    Ethics Transparency Agenda
    New Report Shows Power of Big Money...
    Senate Energy Bill Would Be a Win for...
    Jules Bailey Rolls Out Campaign...
    Rep. Bill Post gets 2nd Highest...
    Calling the bluff on environmentalists
    Manager fired for being pro-life
    Is Bailey Doomed by Fundraising?
    Sen. Rand Paul Suspends Campaign

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