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Top Political News - October 17, 2018
  • Phil Knight sinks $1 million into the Republican Governors Association
  • Oregon voter data for sale on dark web, Secretary Of State says
  • National political analyst calls governor race a 'tossup'
  • Secretary of state's deputy rose despite past IT debacle
  • Buehler pushes back on critics over energy tax credits, vaccinations
  • Editorial: No need for Buehler's tax returns
  • Oregon Business News
  • OHSU publishes huge cancer dataset to advance treatments for AML
  • Measure 26-201 would be a sales tax
  • More Political News
  • East Oregonian Editorial endorsement: Walden
  • Oregon adopts new policies for Medicaid
  • Oregon house Dem candidate falsely claims master's degree
  • Oregon unemployment rate remains at record low amid unusually tight job market
  • Klamath Falls City council approves application for airport relief grant
  • Moving memorial bridge earns county grant funds
  • Umatilla County sheriff explores jail detox possibilities
  • Armed protesters were on Portland rooftop in August, police now say
  • Astoria bans camping in the woods in response to homeless
  • Commissioners surprised by Wheeler's proposed crackdown on protest violence
  • Former Eugene marijuana lab owner accused of neo-Nazi ties sues anti-fascists

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    October 16, 2018
  • Portland Tribune Endorses Knute Buehler For Oregon Governor
  • ACLU On Portland Mayor's New Policy: "We Already Have Laws Against Street Fighting And Violence."
  • Rosenblum rejects ICE union call to investigate Wheeler
  • West Coast military installations eyed for US fuel exports
  • Analysts: Governor's race to be won in Clackamas, Washington counties
  • Anti-Trump protester sues Portland police, claims he was mistaken for car vandal
  • Beaverton council will allow regulated overnight car camping
  • Buehler invested $100k in tax credits, then blasted program
  • City Hall Update: Clean up city on mayor's to-do list
  • City looks to rein in 'Nadia,' other fictional rental owners
  • Controlled burns in OR: Can more fires create less smoke?
  • Corvallis council sets March date for urban renewal vote
  • Homes for sale stack up across Portland metro
  • Judge gives green light for climate change trial to proceed without Trump as defendant
  • Marion County Commissioner Kevin Cameron faces strong challenge from Shelaswau Crier
  • Measure 26-200 protects politicians' 95% re-election rate
  • Medical groups ask Buehler to retract vaccine stance
  • Oregon Measure 103 Asks: Should Grocers Have Constitutional Protections?
  • Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, dies
  • PG&E shuts off power to thousands in Northern California ahead of extreme fire danger
  • Portland City Council to consider saving mobile home park
  • Southern Oregon wildfire flares up prompting evacuations
  • Two former governors call for Knute Buehler to release more tax info
  • Where They Stand: Oregon's Gubernatorial Candidates On Education

  • October 15, 2018
  • Knute Buehler's bid to be Oregon governor is decades in the making
  • PERS may be defining issue of Oregon's governor race
  • Walden may win, but could lose chairmanship
  • Oregon faces black-market marijuana problem
  • Electric busses: another costly fad — Opinion
  • I think I vote ... therefore I am confused — Opinion
  • Federal money flows into Deschutes Basin piping projects
  • Rational thought can replace cougar mania — Editorial
  • Candidate's troubles cloud House race in Bend
  • Fired chief sues fire district
  • Klondike Fire roars to life, threatens homes in Southern Oregon
  • Police Probe Brawl of Rightist, Leftist Oregon Protesters
  • Portland mayor stands by decision to allow Antifa to block traffic, hassle motorists
  • Portland riots in national headlines...Again!!,
  • Why Don't Portland Police Stop the Proud Boys From Brawling?
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    10/15Electric Buses: Another Costly Fad
    10/14Portland riots in national headlines'again!!!
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