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Top Political News - February 20, 2019
  • Report: Brown weighing selling SAIF, tapping its surplus to reduce PERS costs
  • Oregon carbon tax to create poverty, just like California
  • Oregon Senate passes offshore drilling ban
  • Medicaid funding package heads to Oregon Senate
  • Should Oregon lower the voting age to 16?
  • Editorial: Salem aims again at business
  • Oregon Business News
  • Social Media marketing still fuels growth at Bend's Mazama
  • I-5 and I-205 toll plan likely say Feds
  • More Political News
  • Editorial: Redistricting suggestion offers good start
  • How Oregonians spend their rising income
  • Kruse defiant in face of lawsuit by interns against himself, legislature
  • Senate Bill 723 bans hunting contests
  • Deschutes Circuit court slashes monitored probation
  • Corvallis councilors continue SOP battle
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler appoints Kristin Dennis Chief of Staff
  • Oregon School Leaders Consider Tighter Oversight In Wake Of Audit
  • Police union files complaint against City Council over text controversy
  • Portland will work to block more oil trains
  • Oregon to mark students 'present' whenever they're absent for school sports

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    1. 3 reasons Oregonians are not working
    2. HB 2020 will devastate Oregon families,...
    3. Survey says Oregon is not safe for seniors

    February 19, 2019
  • Oregon legislators float plan to lower voting age to 16, stiff opposition likely
  • Portland General Electric planning renewable energy project in eastern Oregon
  • Cop Behind Texts With Right-Wing Leader Yanked - Legislative Lawyer Sues Over Harassment
  • Former Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten Joins Political Consulting, Lobbying Firm
  • Miscommunication Cited In PPS Decision To End Year-Round School Program
  • Report: Traffic costs every Portland driver $1,600 a year
  • Teachers, students rally in Salem for increased school funding
  • Urban renewal gamble: Corvallis measure on March 12 ballot
  • With measles on the rise, health officials battle vaccine resistance

  • February 18, 2019
  • Merkley Worries Republicans could target his senate seat if he runs for president
  • 3 reasons Oregonians are not working
  • Cap and trade: Oregon farmers worry over plan
  • Rep. Lewis: Simple law fix to restore people's hearing
  • Oregon measles outbreak sees vaccination rates soar
  • Rent control is a steal — Opinion
  • Rep Walden secures help for Malheur Co.
  • Deschutes River bridge project to be postponed
  • 3,000 gallons of sewage in Claggett Creek
  • Medicaid patients wait for rides with loss of contractor
  • Portland Council to consider foreclosure reforms Tuesday
  • Portland to consider delaying quake warning sign ordinance
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    Wyden: End tax penalty for trafficking...
    Signs of trade war impact on Oregon
    Rep. Post Urges Unity
    President Trump Following Law Declaring An...
    President Trump Delivers Inspiring State...
    Readers respond: A Democrat against SB 501
    Docs Reveal Portland School Administrators...
    President Offers Democrats Sensible...
    Rep. Post to appear on NRA-TV 1/18/19...
    New Gun Bill Jeopardizes Safety of...
    Steve Duin: A different take on the BOLI...

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