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586 fee increases totaling $374M! Government hiring 17 new employees a day 2016 Waste Awards 2015 Waste Awards Food Stamp abuse $300 million for phantom employees Favoritism among Governor, government Kitzhaber's 2 taxes to fund his scandal friends County funds spent on Florida trip, wedding, Botox 28% pay raises & $15,000 mo. consultants February 2014 Session taxes Kitzhaber Flees media interview 1/4 billion in new taxes by anonymous politicians? Sneaky ways to pass taxes, get raises Politicians punish voters for their own problems Unions back $7 billion in new tax measures 2013 Taxpayer Awards (Waste, Worst Politician) Waste Report – Fall 2011 Waste Report – Winter 2010 Waste Report – Summer 2009 Waste Report – Spring 2009 Waste Report – Winter 2008 Waste Report – Summer 2008 Waste Report – Fall 2007 Public Employees Party-Time on Taxpayer Dime - 2006 Report Schools Blow $1.2 Billion! - 2005 Report Kulongoski taxes seniors as Hollywood & baseball get tax breaks. - 2004 Report - Politicians tackle recession by splurging on bonuses, new cars, luxury chairs & computers: Report Side 1 - New computers, cars & luxury chairs, Plus Multnomah Co. shopping spree Report Side 2 - Ignoring auditors cost state $39 million - plus Oregon gets federal pork, never ending $5 million error, 11/1/03 Elvis & PERS make up billions misspent. - Plus County wastes $24 million, criminals selling coffee and Bad grades for the Dept. of Education. 2/1/03 NBA Star, Scottie Pipen, needs your farm tax subsidies - Plus "taxing volunteers", $10,000 school trip, urban renewal funds, taxpayer hotel and more.... 7/1/-02 Welfare overpays $15 million - Government employees travel the world, Marine Center missing cash, government hand-outs, PGE park disaster, million plus for light rail "art" and more..... 11/1/01 $9 million in government waste reported in the last 100 days - $8 million fish debacle, schools suing schools, Gresham's failed Xmas trolley, public employee windfalls, building towards debt, and more... 2/01/01 How to sexually harass your way to riches - $1.4 billion in uncollected debt, managers rewarding bonuses to themselves, Police fly fancy jets, Lottery's fuzzy math and more... 11/1/00 $215 million in government waste reported in just 150 days - 6/1/00

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