What We Believe

Stop Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse:

We believe we save taxpayer dollars when we eliminate government waste. When Oregon spent $257 million studying a bridge they didn't build, or spent $330 million on a website no one used, or spent $31 million-a-mile to pave a road, you are not just wasting money you are stealing funds that could be used for schools, police and fire.


Taxpayers have a right to see where their taxes are going. Nearly 18 years ago we were ridiculed for asking the State to make public the state's salaries of its employees. Thanks to our efforts, Oregon passed transparency laws and now state salary lists are showcased and very popular among Oregon top newspapers.

Against corporate welfare:

We are against government giving taxpayer dollars to build private hotels, make Hollywood films, paying farmers not to farm and other hand-outs that go beyond the limits of what government should be doing.

Low taxes:

Oregon is in the top 10 tax states in the nation. We try to limit tax increases so Oregonians can afford to live here.

Stopping budget gimmicks.

We oppose budget gimmicks like fee-raiding (using gas taxes or hunting fees to fund un-related agency projects), relabeling taxes as "investments" as a way of hiding it and also the gimmick of hiding true-costs of government services from the public (like when they spent $300 million for vacant government employees that didn't exist).

If you like what we do, please consider making a donation -- charitable and tax credit options available. We depend on small grassroots donations for our survival.